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Table 4 Methane potentials and methane yields of liquid substrates derived from steam-pretreated straw

From: Combined production of biogas and ethanol at high solids loading from wheat straw impregnated with acetic acid: experimental study and techno-economic evaluation

WIS (%) in SSF Substrate in AD Methane potential (NL/kg VS) Methane g/100 g dry straw
  Hydrolysate 321 4.8
10 Thin stillage 376 1.2
12.5 Thin stillage 392 1.0
15 Thin stillage 410 1.1
17.5 Thin stillage 424 1.0
20 Thin stillage 439 1.0
  1. Methane potentials are expressed as volume of methane produced in normal liter per kg volatile solids, NL/kg VS. Methane yields are expressed as g methane produced per 100 g dry wheat straw