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Table 1 Fermentation characteristics of FSC strains determined by batch fermentation in YMGX medium at 30°C under microaerobic condition

From: A xylose-fermenting yeast hybridized by intergeneric fusion between Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Candida intermediamutants for ethanol production

Strain Cells† Time* R xylose υEtOH YP(g g-substrate−1)
(g L−1) (h) (g g-cells−1 h−1) (g L−1 h−1) Ethanol Xylitol Cells
FSC1 1.3 96 0.18 0.33 0.38 0.08 0.06
FSC1 mutant 1.4 30 1.07 0.65 0.42 0.03 0.06
  1. †, initial concentration; *, Time to completely consume sugars; Rxylose, Specific xylose consumption rate; υEtOH, Ethanol production rate; YP, Yield of products based on glucose and xylose added.