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Table 1 Summary of polymer grade lactic acid applications

From: Development of a sustainable process for the production of polymer grade lactic acid

Industry Property Application
Medical Non-toxic, relatively strong, bio-compatible, sterilizable Medical Implants; clinical applications – sutures; meshes, bone fixation devices
Packaging High tensile strength, thermal resistance, impact resistance, transparency Flexible Films, thermoforming, lamination
Textile bacteriostatic, flame-retardant, and weathering resistance Geo-textiles, Industrial Fabrics, Fibers, Home Furnishings
Environmental Bio-compatible As sorbent in wastewater treatment; As a substrate for nitrogen removal; as a bioremediation agent
Other Biodegradability, flame-retardant, thermal resistance To manufacture sandbags, weed prevention nets, vegetation nets, vegetation pots, ropes, binding tape for use in the agriculture industry