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Table 1 Average sizes of different denaturants

From: Microwave assisted solubilization of inclusion bodies

Denaturant Average diameter (nm) before microwave treatment Average diameter (nm) after microwave treatment
8 M urea 706 587
6 M GuHCl 110 9
20 mM SDS 422 7
  1. The denaturants 8 M urea, 6 M GuHCl and 20 mM SDS were prepared in 50 mM Tris–HCl, pH 7.0 and their average sizes (nm) were recorded before and after microwave treatment (for 2 minutes), by dynamic light scattering. This was done as a control experiment. The temperature during microwave solubilization was maintained at 26 ± 1°C. The readings were taken in triplicates and the difference among the individual readings was less than 5%.